I'm Preston Garland.

An entrepreneur and inventor
from Knoxville, TN.



I live in Knoxville, TN with my wife and three kids. I enjoy almost all things tech, swimming, hiking, playing soccer, & enjoying the beauty of East Tennessee.

Finding Simple Solutions

My goal is always to find the innovative, simple solution to what appears to be a complex problem.

Combining Business & Tech

In addition to lots of techical expertise, I also have plenty of general business experience. Everything from sales and managing a sales team to managing a P&L. I love combining these.

Cloud Tech

I love using the latest in cloud tech & design patterns from different providers.

My Journey So Far


Founder & CEO


We're changing the way web apps are build, used, and sold. A user has their own environment with all of their data, developers build apps that users install in their environment.

Enterprise SaaS

Consutling & Development


I've built large enterprise SaaS applications powering billions of dollars of transactions. In addition, I consulting with other companies on their cloud architecture and best practices for using AWS and other cloud providers.

I'll randomly throw some thoughts on twitter.

Take them for what they're worth.